Simon Katich, Michael Clarke
Simon Katich has opened up about the spat with Michael Clarke. Image Courtesy: Getty

The infamous spat between Simon Katich and Michael Clarke is one of the darkest chapters in Australian cricket history. Of late, Katich has revealed the nature of the comment made by Clarke which turned things ugly in the dressing room spat at the SCG in 2009. The left-handed batsman reportedly grabbed Clarke by the throat when he complained about why it is taking so much time to sing the team song after a Test win.

Simon Katich on the incident

Katich wasn’t pleased on seeing Michael Clarke in a rush to sing the song and head to another venue. Meanwhile, Michael Hussey was supposed to sing the song on that eventful day and in an interview on SEN radio’s This is Your Sporting Life on Sunday, Katich said he wouldn’t deny that it happened.

“There’s been a fair bit said about it, I won’t deny that it happened,” Katich said. “It was partly to do with the singing of the team song and the pressure that he was putting on Michael Hussey to really get on with it and get on with the night. That probably led to our altercation.”

Simon Katich, Michael Clarke
Simon Katich during a fielding drill. Source: Getty Images

Katich has no regrets over the incident with Clarke

New South Wales-born Katich even said he couldn’t repeat the exact words uttered by Clarke, as it is a family radio show.

“But a big part of it from my point of view was what he said to me and the personal nature of what he said. I can’t repeat that on the show unfortunately because I’m sure there are some ladies out there listening.”

Katich said he has no regrets over the incident and that he approached coach Tim Neilsen and captain Ricky Ponting immediately after the event. Incidentally, Katich’s international career was cut short once Clarke took over the captaincy. Later, Michael Clarke went on to lead his country to World Cup and bagged the coveted trophy before hanging up his boots in 2015.

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