Top 10 Most Successful Skippers In ODI Cricket
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Top 10 Most Successful Skippers In ODI Cricket;  A captain in a cricket team plays an important role in the success of his team. A captain can turn the tables of the match with his quick thinking and ability to understand the opposition plans and schemes. Over the years, we came across many incredible skippers leading the team with their astute captaincy.

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Being a team captain is quite a big honour. As the captain of a team, you should understand that all the other players in the team trust you and respect your decisions and believe that you can lead them in the right direction. Quite a few legendary players mastered those things perfectly to lead their respective countries in the game of cricket. Meanwhile, we figured out the Top 10 Most Successful Skippers In ODI Cricket.

Top 10 Most Successful Skippers In ODI Cricket:

10. Imran Khan – 75 Wins

Imran Khan, Top 10 Most Successful Skippers In ODI Cricket
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Imran Khan was tenacious, gritty, and hard working. He never took no for an answer. Imran always pushed his fellow teammates to their breaking point and made them better cricketers. He never listened to his naysayers. When he lost, he went straight back to the drawing board and practice in the nets. Now he is considered arguably the GOAT in Cricket.

In 139 matches, he bagged 75 wins while 59 games were lost. One game was tied while 4 games have resulted in ”No-result”.

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