Kashvee Gautam, Chandigarh vs Arunachal Pradesh, Under-19
Cricket. Photo Credits: Web.

Cricket, as a sport is a gentleman’s game. And the unintentional demise of an athlete on the field is the saddest and the most distressing news a fan can hear about their most loved sport. But what happens if a man deliberately shoots two potential aspiring cricketers and eventually buried their dream over a tiny conflict? Anyway, it has transpired in Uttarakhand.

The shocking and unbelievable tragic incident did take place in reality. Two boys were shot dead by a man in Uttarakhand while they were playing cricket.

The episode unfolded in the Tehri district of Uttarakhand when these two young cricketers were engaged in a vacant lot in Khawara village.

While these two gentlemen were playing, there existed two people gossiping beside the ground in an empty space.

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Anjali Chand, Deepak Chahar
Credits: Web

Suddenly, the ball reached the person who was standing there, which understood to have disrupted their conversation or struck him. And that disturbance didn’t go well with him.

The man approached the teenager with a gun in his hand. Without a second thought, he gunned down both of them without failing to miss the respective targets.

Having shot both the boys, people from the neighbourhood supposedly heard the thundering sounds of the gunshots and reached out to their rescue. Shree and Mahesh, the names of those two, were taken to the hospital where the doctors reported that one of them was in critical condition.

It was all the more surprising since Uttarakhand is the home of some of the best cricketers of India, ones who are presently representing the country.

Notable names are the likes of Rishabh Pant, Manish Pandey, and MS Dhoni, who captained his nation to a T20 and ODI World Cup victory.

To clarify a bit Dhoni’s family hailed from Lawali village of Uttarakhand.

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