Usman Khawaja's Brother Handed A 2.5 Year Jail Term Over Fake Terror Plot

Usman Khawaja’s Brother Handed A 2.5 Year Jail Term Over Fake Terror Plot

Usman Khawaja, Arsalan Tariq Khawaja
Usman Khawaja, Arsalan Tariq Khawaja (Credits: Facebook)

Australian batsman, Usman Khawaja’s brother has been sentenced to a jail term of two and a half years for his actions in trying to frame his colleague in a fake terror plot.

According to a report published in Sydney Morning Herald, Arsalan Khawaja jotted down a series of threats in a book belonging to his colleague Mohamed Kamer Nizamdeen and handed it over to his Project Manager at the New South Wales University.

Usman Khawaja
Usman Khawaja. Credit: Getty Images

Arsalan Khawaja wrote in the notebook after he was reportedly jealous of his colleague’s female mutual friend. When the cops got involved, the cricketer’s brother misled them by stating that he found the book accidentally.

The investigators arrested Mohamed Kamer Nizamdeen until they found that it was a hoax.

The New South Wales District Court Judge, Robert Weber, noted that Arsalan Khawaja wrote the notebook because he believed that Mohamed Kamer Nizamdeen was interested in his female friend, whom he wanted ‘gone’.

Usman Khawaja’s brother made at least 20 entries in the notebook before handing it over to the New South Wales University staff. The threats mentioned in the notebook include getting bombs and weapon training, launching attacks in Australia and other countries besides targeting former Aussie Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball, police stations, the Boxing Day Test match, and St. Mary’s Cathedral.

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