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Virat Kohli. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

Virat Kohli has been an inspiration for everyone. The Indian skipper has done a fine job while leading the team in all the three forms of the game. Kohli has come a long way in his career and check all the right boxes. Meanwhile, there were some mistakes which Kohli was making early on his career. Thus, he was guided by Yuvraj Singh who shares a great bond with the Indian skipper.

Similarly, Virat Kohli likes to point the youngster’s mistakes if they are making any while been in the young days of their career. Kohli says it is his responsibility to show them the correct path to the rookie players.

Furthermore, the Indian skipper believes if he doesn’t do that, it is a failure for him. On the other hand, Virat Kohli also said that he doesn’t like to overdo his guidance as well.

Virat Kohli, Tosses, India, England
Virat Kohli (Credits – Getty)

Kohli is guiding the young players.

Virat Kohli Reveals his Strategy of Guiding Youngsters Virat Kohli Reveals his Strategy of Guiding Youngsters Virat Kohli Reveals his Strategy of Guiding Youngsters Virat Kohli Reveals his Strategy of Guiding Youngsters

Therefore, he likes to guide the youngster and tell them their mistakes. Moreover, Kohli also likes to tell them how they can improve and learn from their mistakes.

“Yeah, definitely. I look forward to guiding the young guys in the team to not make the same mistakes that probably I made when I was their age because I want them to have three more years of quality cricket compared to going up and down, struggling here and there and then finally finding their feet. If I see someone making the same mistakes that I committed and I cannot correct them, then it’s my failure.

India, Virat Kohli, Youngsters
Virat Kohli is guiding the youngsters on the right path. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

“If I choose to stay quiet I’m not really doing my job. You don’t want to suffocate anyone but the mistakes I made early in my career, as Yuvraj rightly pointed out, I would not like to see youngsters make them more than once, because that’s just wasting such an important phase of their lives and careers,” Virat Kohli said while talking to Wisden India.

There is no doubt that young players can veer off the track in the initial stages of their career. Thus, it is imperative for the senior players to guide them throughout.

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