Watch: Old Video Of Sourav Ganguly Scolding Rahul Dravid And Greg Chappell Resurfaces

Watch: Old Video Of Sourav Ganguly Scolding Rahul Dravid And Greg Chappell Resurfaces

Sourav Ganguly, BCCI
Sourav Ganguly. Photo Credit: BCCI

The Sourav Ganguly – Greg Chappell saga was a dark phase in Indian cricket. Sourav Ganguly was one of the most loved cricketers in India and had already proved himself as captain when Greg Chappell was appointed the India head coach.

But the ex-India captain and the coach could not get off to a good start and things soon went out of hands. The former Australia batsman had reportedly emailed the BCCI, stating that Sourav Ganguly was “physically and mentally” unfit to lead India and that his “divide and rule” behaviour was damaging the team.

The drama ended with Sourav Ganguly not only conceding the captaincy to Rahul Dravid but also losing his spot in the team. The legendary captain returned to the team after almost a year but never regained the captaincy. And unsurprisingly, he has never squandered any chance to lash out at Chappell. In fact, time and again he has also criticised Dravid for not standing up to Chappell.

And now an old video of Sourav Ganguly scolding both Dravid and Chappell together on the field has become viral on internet. In the video, the legendary captain also said that Dravid never raised his voice against the wrongdoings of Chappell.

Greg Chappell
Greg Chappell (Credits: Twitter)

“Because of Greg Chappell the dressing room was divided. Rahul Dravid is such type of a person who wants that everything goes smoothly. He knew that things were going wrong, but he had no courage to revolt and tell him (Chappell) that he was doing wrong,” Ganguly said.

“Obviously, whatever happened with me a year ago in Zimbabwe and the kind of furore that followed any captain would think that I peacefully play cricket which is right also. But if your coach has been committing mistakes after mistakes… He had told Virender Sehwag during the World Cup (2007) tour that he should not have been there in the team, but since ‘your captain supported you, you were included in the team’,” he added.

Here is that video:

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