Watch: The Comment From Yuvraj Singh On Chahal That Has Landed The Ex-Batsman In Controversy

Watch: The Comment From Yuvraj Singh On Chahal That Has Landed The Ex-Batsman In Controversy

Yuzvendra Chahal
Yuzvendra Chahal. Credit: BCCI

Legendary batsman Yuvraj Singh has found himself in hot water once again on social media. Just a few days back, he was slammed for extending help to Shahid Afridi Foundation. Later, he had issued a clarification before saying that he would do that again after a video of Afridi emerged where the former Pakistan allrounder could be seen speaking ill of India.

In the latest turn of events, Yuvraj Singh is facing the heat because of his comments on his former teammate Yuzvendra Chahal. It was an unintentional jibe from Yuvraj Singh but a number of users have expressed their displeasure over the same. The former international made the comment during a video interview with his former India and IPL teammate Rohit Sharma.

Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh (Credits – BCCI)

The conversation had taken place around a month ago but hundreds of users on Twitter made it clear that they are still miffed with the comment. The users made the hashtag Yuvraj Singh Alopogise in Hindi one of the top trends of Tuesday morning. The hashtag #युवराज_सिंह_माफी_मांगो has so far seen more than 25,000 tweets with users demanding an apology from the legendary batsman.

Last month, the World Cup-winner in one of his video interviews with India opener Rohit Sharma, called Chahal a ‘bhangi’ (a casteist remark) referring to the latter’s popular TikTok videos. The way Yuvraj Singh made the comment, it was clear that it was a light-hearted jibe.

Both he and Rohit laughed off the matter. However, the small clip from the conversation has made it’s way to social media with Twitter. And users are slamming Yuvraj Singh for the same in addition to asking him to issue an apology.

Here is a clip of that comment from Yuvraj Singh: