When it comes to sharing a brass bond, who knows it better than our cricketers. There have been many such incidents where our players prove their durable and everlasting bond. However, the relationship between Yuvraj Singh and Irfan Pathan is amongst the top list.

Players come up with different on-field and dressing room stories that never fail to change our mood. Such narrative stories often bring us a burst of laughter.

Irfan Pathan and Yuvraj Singh are two well-known friends from a long time now. They have shared the majority of time with each other.

When it comes to playing, both have played the majority of the cricket with each other. For a long time, Irfan Pathan and Yuvraj Singh have shared a dressing room as well.

Yuvraj Singh and Irfan Pathan.
Yuvraj Singh and Irfan Pathan.

While Irfan Pathan used to play in all three formats of the game, Yuvraj Singh, on the other hand, was a top middle-order batsman in the limited-overs. Yuvraj Singh, on his day, gave nightmares to the bowlers while Pathan used to have the better of the best batsmen around.

When it comes to on-field secrets, the duo had revealed many funny incidents on various occasions and events.

The duo recently caught up, and they got some nostalgic kind of feelings by this. Later on, Irfan Pathan took social media to share his picture with Yuvraj Singh.

Here is the link to the post:

The tweet read:

“Always fun, laughter and some amazing Indian team Stories comes up whenever I meet my brother @YUVSTRONG12 #truefighter #champion #friendship.”

Soon, the picture got posted, comment section flooded with the sweet comments from the fans. However, a fan came up with an anecdote that involved Irfan Pathan and Yuvraj Singh.

The fan revealed a past incident of how Yuvraj Singh got pranked by his friend, Irfan Pathan. The fan narrated how Irfan Pathan played a prank while texting Yuvraj with an identity of a girl.

In his tweet, the fan also mentioned Yuvraj to be careful of Irfan Pathan’s frolics.

Irfan Pathan was quick to notice what happened on that day. He responded with a ‘haha’, as he burst into laughter.

Here, have a look at the tweet of fan :