The World Cup which started in such a stunning fashion is fast losing its shine because of rain. The inclement weather in England and Wales is starting to become a major talking point after three games in the last five days were washed out. Three washed out games is now a record in the World Cup. Previously, the highest number of abandoned games in the competition was two matches – in 1992 and 2003.

Such has been the plight of the rain that it promoted Bangladesh coach Steve Rhodes say: “We put men on the moon so why can’t we have a reserve day, when actually this tournament is a long tournament?”

World Cup 2019: Scenarios If Semifinal And Final Are Washed Out And Other Details
World Cup (Credits: Getty)

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The weather forecast for the upcoming games is not promising either. With the major part of the tournament still remaining, the fans are fearing the worst. Their teams have been losing precious points due to rain which could eventually cost them a semifinal spot. So with the threat of rain looming large over the tournament, we take a look at World Cup rules in case of rain

1. With rain being a big threat, there is a big possibility that more than one team might end up with same points at the end of the league stage. In such a scenario, the team which will progress ahead will be decided on:

  • Number of wins
  • Net Run-rate
  • Head-to-head result
  • Pre-tournament seeding

2. There are no reserve days for league games but there will be extra days for the semifinals and the final. Consequently, the teams will have an opportunity to finish the game if the scheduled day is washed out.

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3. In case a game ends in a tie during the league stage, both the teams will get one point. However, in the semifinals and final they will play the one-over decided, called Super Over.

World Cup 2019: Scenarios If Semifinal And Final Are Washed Out And Other Details
World Cup (Credits: Getty)

4. In case the semifinal is washed out, the team ranked higher in the league stage will make it to the final.

5. If the rain plays spoilsport in the final, both the teams will share the World Cup.