Laziest XI Of World Cricket
Laziest XI Of World Cricket.

Modern-day cricket has evolved a lot and the fitness requirements have set at the highest order for the players to be well organized as a team without many loopholes. But, there are exceptions in every part of the game, and some players are well exposed to their laziness in the field.

Fitness includes the amount of agility, fielding efforts, quickness between wickets and these are things that can be worked upon in the practice sessions. The international players do face a lot of criticism if they don’t reach the fitness standards and it is very hard for them to survive for a long period unless they have exceptional batting or bowling skills. Here is the laziest XI of World Cricket.

Laziest XI Of World Cricket:

Rohit Sharma:

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma (Image Credit: Twitter)
Laziest XI Of World Cricket

The Indian limited-overs vice-captain Rohit Sharma has been in phenomenal form ever since he has been promoted up the order to open in all the formats. Unlike other fielders, Rohit is an excellent catcher and he doesn’t drop many. But the Mumbaikar isn’t that swift in the field and it is evident that he has been always wanted inside the 30-yard circle.

Rohit being a senior player in the Indian side and one of the most important batsman, he needs to work on his speed and agility, and in 2018, there was a time when he failed the yo-yo test and was almost dropped from the squad. The elegant batsman has the highest individual score in ODI cricket with his unbeaten 264 against Sri Lanka.