Most Loved XI Of World Cricket

Most Loved XI Of All-Time In Cricket

Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar (Image Credit: Twitter)
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The people that come to the stands have always loved watching certain cricketers on display and it is clearly visible with the crowd chanting the player’s name in tandem. Every cricketer tends to have some haters and lovers but there have been cricketers who have received love from all over the cricket world.

Their performances in the field and off the field are a major reason for it and it is something that to do with the character of the player too. Their love for the country has been acknowledged by the crowd and it is time to look at the most loved XI of world cricket.

Most Loved XI Of World Cricket:

Stephen Fleming:

Chennai Super Kings
Stephen Fleming[photo: Twitter]
Stephen Fleming is one of the best batsmen to have played from his country and he served the nation as a captain for a long time too. Fleming is always calm and composed and hardly, we can see him showing emotions on the field.

The elegant left-hander opener has been the coach of the Chennai Super Kings since his retirement and his strategies have been outstanding over the year. The management has always shown trust in him and he is always liked by the people around the country.

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