Watch: Michael Vaughan claims 'Bazball' is undefeated despite England's Test series loss vs India

Updated - 03 Mar 2024, 05:21 PM

Michael Vaughan, Shubman Gill and Ben Stokes
Michael Vaughan, Shubman Gill and Ben Stokes (Credits: Instagram)

Former England captain Michael Vaughan took a hilarious dig towards England coach and captain duo Brendon McCullum and Ben Stokes for not displaying the Bazball style of Test cricket against India. Vaughan made this claim during a recent interaction on the Club Prairie Fire podcast. England have already lost the 5-match Test series following their 5-wicket loss in the 4th Test.

Perhaps after a very long time, Michael Vaughan is making anti-England comments as he usually is known for trolling the Indian national team. When he asked if the visitors could actually make a comeback in the series before the 4th Test, he had stated that they had no chance.

So Bazball didn’t lose because they didn’t play Bazball –  Michael Vaughan

This time, the host picked a question from X and read it to Michael Vaughan. “I wanted to ask you, they’re calling it, Vaughany, the first official loss of the Bazball era. I want to ask you, did they play Bazball?” the host asked with a smirk on his face. 

Before getting to Vaughan’s response, the expression and tone the former England captain used to answer that was absolutely hilarious. The 49-year-old hilariously claimed that Bazball didn’t lose because the Three Lions didn’t play Bazball at all. He added furthermore that it was a loss for the style of old-school Test cricket that England played for many generations.

“That’s why I’m going to say they didn’t lose. So Bazball didn’t lose because they didn’t play Bazball this week. So you can absolutely scrap that. It wasn’t a loss for the Bazballers. It was a loss for the old school, traditional kind of style of Test cricket that England have played for many, many generations and they went back to that. It’s the lowest scoring rate in Bazball history.”

“I think you can prove that for me. I mean they had a session on day 1 where they scored at 2.6s, I mean that was proper cricket from the old days. So this week, I don’t think you can say that the Bazballers lost because the Bazballers didn’t play this week,” Michael Vaughan said via Club Prairie Fire podcast. 

Adam Gilchrist puts salt on Vaughan’s wounds

Upon hearing Michael Vaughan’s remarks that England didn’t play Bazball this week, former Australia wicket-keeper batsman Adam Gilchrist would put salt on Vaughan’s wounds. Gilchrist asked Vaughan that the week before their 4th Test loss in Ranchi, England were actually playing Bazball. He used the reference of Joe Root playing reverse scoops as a prime example that the Three Lions played their style until last week.

“But the week before, they were Bazballing, weren’t they? Like, Joe was sweeping. Either way, let’s say either way, they are s**t,” Adam Gilchrist said.

Meanwhile, the 5th and series concluding Test between India and England is all set to get underway from March 7 onwards at the beautiful venue of HPCA stadium in Dharamshala.


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