Harshal Patel
Harshal Patel (Image Credit: Twitter)

MCC just changed the game’s rules, which contained some significant modifications. Apart from Stuart Broad, the majority of the players have expressed happiness with the rule revision

The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has changed the rules of the game, making Mankading a permissible dismissal.  Harshal Patel, an India bowler, has remarked that he plays for the team within the rules of the game and that he will do what the rules allow to order to win.

Harshal Patel, IPL 2021
Harshal Patel (Image Credit: Twitter)

“Allow me to give everyone an instance. After a throw hits the bat, some argue you shouldn’t run. Is that something you did on purpose? No. Are you going to run if you’re in the World Cup final and you need a run to win and the ball deflects off the bat? If you’re not and you stay consistent in that position, that’s OK, and I’ll always run since I care about winning and I do that within the rules of the game. I will do something if the laws permit it “According to Harshal.

Harshal Take on the MCC New Rules and Changes:

Harshal and several other bowlers have expressed their delight at the fact that Mankading has been turned into a valid run-out. The issue began in the 2019 IPL following R Ashwin dismissed Jos Buttler at non-end strikers for backing up too much. In addition, the usage of saliva is continuously prohibited in the game.

Harshal voiced his delight at the run-out decision, but he kept his thoughts on the saliva ban to himself.

MCC New Rules
MCC New Rules. Image: Twitter

“Because I haven’t played much red-ball cricket in the last two years, I can’t say much about the saliva issue. But, what are those who don’t sweat going to do if they’re playing in freezing temperatures? How will the ball be gleaming? As a result, the question will undoubtedly remain unanswered.”

“And I thought the Mankad issue was a ridiculous topic for us to debate as a cricketing community because if it’s in the rule book, how can it be against the spirit of the game? “said he.

Harshal is preparing for the upcoming IPL season and aims to recreate his solid results from the previous season. He took 32 wickets last season, making him the season’s leading wicket-taker. RCB purchased him for Rs 10.75 crore in the super auction.

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