Dewald-Brevis. Photo- Twitter
Dewald-Brevis. Photo- Twitter

Dewald Brevis is taking a well-deserved holiday after a fantastic debut season in the Tata IPL, in which he batted in the top order and scored 161 runs.

He has returned to South Africa after a few months overseas, where he has been meeting up with friends and family. He recently gave a YouTube interview with the magazine ‘Cricket Fanatics,’ in which he spoke fondly about his time with Mumbai Indians in the Tata IPL.

Dewald Brevis
Dewald Brevis (Image Credits: Twitter)

I’m Still In Constant Touch With Tilak Varma: Dewald Brevis

When asked about his friendship with fellow teenage teammate Tilak Varma, DB revealed that the two are still in touch.

“I am missing Tilak, he is a great friend, we still keep chatting with each other. He is just a year older to me and there is so much to learn from him. Tilak is a prankster and I am already planning how to get back at him next year. I have taught him some Afrikaans and he taught me a bit of Hindi, I would really like to speak in Hindi too.”

Tilak Varma and Dewald Brevis
Tilak Varma and Dewald Brevis. Image: BCCI

DB liked the team’s perseverance and never-say-die attitude, even after a string of poor outcomes early in the season.

“The eight losses were tough but the team was always positive. We stayed true to the process and we came together as a team in the final six matches, we played it as a mini Tata IPL. It was great to see how the results moulded the team and it is a big positive to carry forward for next season,” he said.

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In his first season in the Tata IPL, Brevis had an eye-opening experience in terms of mindset, camaraderie, and team spirit, and the franchise can’t wait to see how he applies what he learned in the next years!

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