An Answer To Dale Steyn: 5 Reasons Why IPL Is 'More Rewarding' Than PSL

An Answer To Dale Steyn: 5 Reasons Why IPL Is ‘More Rewarding’ Than PSL

IPL 2021
IPL 2021.
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After South African cricketer Dale Steyn termed Pakistan Super League (PSL) more rewarding than the Indian Premier League (IPL), the IPL vs PSL debate has become a talking point among cricket fans. During a recent interview with Cricket Pakistan, Dale Steyn mentioned that there is more importance to cricket in PSL than IPL. He pointed out that in PSL, people enquire about where and how he has played in the past. Whereas in the Indian league, people are mostly concerned about how much money a player has made.

India and Pakistan have a long and interesting history of cricket rivalry and the IPL vs PSL debate is a result of the same. Indian Premier League started in 2008 and has been a popular cricket tournament in India, with millions of fans following the teams involved in the tournament. On the other hand, Pakistan Super League started in 2015 and is also a popular cricket tournament in Pakistan. As the Indian Premier League vs Pakistan Super League debate has become the latest trending topic among cricket fans, here we look at five reasons why the Indian Premier League is better than PSL.

An Answer To Dale Steyn: 5 Reasons Why IPL Is Better Than PSL

1.  More Teams, More Matches, More Entertainment

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IPL 2021.

Indian Premier League consists of 8 teams who compete to win the title. Eight teams participate in a double round-robin format during the group stage in the Indian Premier League, which increases the number of matches. Each team plays 14 matches in the group stages and there are 4 more matches played during the playoffs. On the other hand, PSL consists of 6 teams, which were 5 in the first two editions. The teams also participate in a double round-robin format in the group stages.

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More number of teams in the Indian Premier League means that there are more matches played in the tournament than PSL. More matches mean the tournament is held for a longer time. Also, more teams in the tournament arise nail-biting competitions for making it to the playoffs, as there are more opportunities for teams to qualify for playoffs. Hence, the Indian Premier League entertains fans for a longer time than PSL.

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