IPL 2021: Talks Of 'Spirit Of Cricket' Spark Up Once Again As Picture Of Dwayne Bravo Outside The Bowling Crease Goes Viral

IPL 2021: Talks Of ‘Spirit Of Cricket’ Spark Up Once Again As Picture Of Dwayne Bravo Outside The Bowling Crease Goes Viral

Dwayne Bravo
Dwayne Bravo was outside the bowling crease when Mustafizur delivered the ball. Image-Twitter/@GeoffLemonSport

The words ‘Spirit of Cricket’ and ‘Mankad’ have once again gained attention as a still of Dwayne Bravo while batting for the Chennai Super Kings against Rajasthan Royals on Monday, has emerged in which the West Indian is about a yard outside of the bowling crease, before the bowler, Mustafizur Rahman has released the ball.

This incident is of the last over of CSK’s innings bowled by the Bangladeshi Mustafizur Rahman. On the second ball, Shardul Thakur took a single; the umpire’s referred to the third umpire for a no-ball. And the replay of Mustafizur overstepping was shown.

While there was no doubt that the bowler bowled an illegal delivery, it also revealed that Dwayne Bravo was well ahead of the bowling crease moving towards the batting end in order to get back on strike.

Harsha Bhogle
Harsha Bhogle. (Photo by Vivek Shah/IPL via Getty Images)

Harsha Bhogle, a respected and veteran commentator, who was on air at that time, was utterly unimpressed by the West Indian for “stealing” some distance there. Bhogle invoked the ‘Spirit of the game’ calling out for the bowlers to unreluctantly run out or ‘Mankad’ the non-striker.

“You cannot be there. He has stolen more than a yard there, Dwayne Bravo,” Bhogle said during commentary. “That is why I believe you’re entirely within your rights — it should almost be mandatory in team meetings — to say, ‘Run him out’.

“All this talk about not being in the spirit of the game is so much nonsense. He has taken a yard! I never understood how it is in the spirit of the game to run less and claim the run. That is against the spirit of the game,” Harsha Bhogle said while commentating.

Dwayne Bravo’s cameo pushed CSK’s total to 188; spinners dominate Rajasthan’s middle-order

Dwayne Bravo
Dwayne Bravo (Image Credit: IANS)

Dwayne Bravo came in at the score of 163/7, at number 9 in a long batting line-up, after Suresh Raina (18 off 15) and MS Dhoni (18 off 17) have neutralized the gung-ho approach of the top-order. The right-hander wasted no time and started with alacrity with a couple of boundaries and completed the innings with a maximum remaining unbeaten on 20 off just 8 balls.

If it wasn’t for Dwayne Bravo’s late blitz, CSK would have ended with a par total, which Jos Buttler threatened to gun down until Ravindra Jadeja and Moeen Ali ran through Rajasthan’s middle-order. RR collapsed from 87/2 to 95/7 handing CSK their second win of the season. MS Dhoni’s side sits at the third position and will meet Kolkata Knight Riders on Wednesday.

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