India National Cricket Team
India National Cricket Team. Pic Credits: Twitter

Indian Cricket Team has been under the scanner as the fielders are unable to take the catches. In the recently concluded India vs Australia T20I Series, there was a below-par performance from the fielders. We all have heard that Catches win Matches and if you give a batter chance then he will most likely make the bowling team pay.

It looks like the Indian Cricketers aren’t focusing on fielding. In T20I Cricket, fielding is very much pivotal as runs saved by the fielders can change the context of the match. The management needs to have some intense sessions and make sure that the Cricketers are following basics that are of utmost importance in T20I Cricket.

India National Cricket Team
India National Cricket Team. Pic Credits: Twitter

Aakash Chopra on Indian fielders

Aakash Chopra was making some strong comments on Indian fielders on his YouTube channel. “We have already spoken a lot about how weak our bowling is and how we are unable to defend totals. But the reality is that when the bowlers create some genuine chances, the fielders are unable to catch some of them. That makes the bowlers look even weaker. Out of every six catches that come our way, we are able to hold onto just four of them.” said Aakash.

“We say that Pakistan drop so many catches, but the fact is that we drop more catches than them. We have held onto just 75.8 percent of the catches that have come our way. Only Sri Lanka with 74.3 have a worse record than us.” said the Former Indian opener.

Aakash Chopra
Aakash Chopra (Image Credits: Twitter)

We no longer have real “gun” fielders in our team. Players like Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh and even Ravindra Jadeja isn’t a part of this team. We no longer use the phrase “Wow! what a fielder” watching someone from our team field.” he added.

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Crucial Series for India before T20 World Cup 2022

India will have to make sure that they don’t take South Africa lightly. The visitors are known for making comeback as they have a fighting spirit in them. Head Coach Mark Boucher knows how to upset teams and leave them in disarray as now he has a golden chance to disturb India’s dynamics.

Mark Boucher
Mark Boucher (Image Credit: Twitter)

South Africa lost the 1st T20I match quite convincingly as they failed to make any significant mark. The team should remember that they are bound to have bad days; they should quickly move on from that match. The 2nd T20I Match at Guwahati would be a thriller as both the teams are evenly matched.

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