James Anderson
Image Source: Twitter

England legendary pacer James Anderson has simply been brilliant for England over the years. But he has accepted that England have been highly inconsistent in Test cricket, especially after 2015. He believes that there was a serious push to improve white ball cricket after the 2015 World Cup debacle.

However, Anderson feels that has led to an imbalance between white-ball and red-ball cricket as more attention was given to the former over the latter according to the 39-year-old. Quoted as saying by The Cricketer, James Anderson said:

James Anderson
James Anderson (Image Credit: Twitter)

“There has been a big push towards white-ball cricket since 2015,” Anderson said. “So I would like to think the balance between red and white-ball cricket is there going forward. Because I think that at the minute, it’s tipped slightly towards the white ball. And it has done for the last few years.”

When asked about whether there has been a dip in the standards of County cricket, Anderson disagreed. But at the same time, the legendary pacer said that the pitches in County cricket probably were not as good as they used to be. He added:

“I don’t think the standard of Championship cricket is lower than it used to be. But there are more competitions to think about. Potentially the wickets aren’t as good as they used to be. You see a lot more result pitches now in county cricket. Perhaps that’s something we can think about in the future.”

James Anderson gutted with England’s performance in the Ashes

After three Tests, England have already lost the Ashes and are 0-3 with nothing but pride left to play for. James Anderson revealed that the England team had full faith that they can come Down Under and win the series, but are gutted with the way things have panned out. Here is what he had to say:

“We honestly came here thinking we could win. We had that belief but it’s completely taken away. We’ve been beaten by a very good team. Australia played brilliantly. And we’ve just not been able to cope with the pressure,” Anderson stated.

“I genuinely thought we had a good chance when we came here. I thought we had the players to compete but it’s clearly not gone to plan. It’s just bitterly disappointing. The lads are pretty flat at the minute if I’m being brutally honest,” he concluded.

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