DRS Is Not 100 Percent Accurate And That Technology Needs To Improve – Virat Kohli's Childhood Coach Rajkumar Sharma
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Virat Kohli’s childhood coach Rajkumar Sharma has said that the DRS technology is not very accurate and the changes are required to be made in the Decision Review System (DRS) system.

Sharma feels that the umpire’s call rule is also “very complicated” as it lacks clarity and it can’t certainly tell which ball is going to crash onto the stumps. He also mentioned that there have been a lot of controversies surrounding the umpire’s call and asked for the removal of it from cricket.

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Virat Kohli and Rajkumar Sharma
Virat Kohli and Rajkumar Sharma. Credits: Twitter

Speaking on the Khelneeti podcast, Sharma said:

Umpire’s call is very complicated and there is no clarity over it. DRS cannot certainly tell which ball will hit the stumps. Till we come to the impact of delivery, things are actually manual. This is wrong, because if the producer pitches it incorrectly, then the umpire’s call changes.”

“DRS is not 100 per cent accurate and that technology needs to improve. There have been too many controversies over umpire’s call. I am sure it will be done away with in the coming times and should be removed for sure.”

In an umpire’s call, a lot depends on the probability – Saba Karim

Saba Karim
Saba Karim (Image Credit: Twitter)

Former Indian wicketkeeper-batsman Saba Karim also spoke about the umpire’s call rule and said:

Many people are not aware of the intricacies of umpire’s call. In an umpire’s call, a lot depends on the probability. If more than 50 percent of the ball is hitting the stumps then it is not an umpire’s call, it is given out. It comes in when the probability of the ball hitting the stumps is less than 50 percent. Because of the distance between the pad and the wicket, this procedure is being followed.”

Saba Karim
Saba Karim. (Photo: Twitter)

He added that even though the umpire’s call is controversial it will not be removed until a new and accurate system is found.

“A lot of things are being said about it. But until we have a definite mode of calculation, which tells us that the ball will certainly hit the stumps, I don’t think we can expect any change in it.”

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