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Former Pakistan captain Salman Butt reacting to pacer Hasan Ali’s heated exchange with a journalist in a press conference has said that the speedster should have heard the entire question from the journalist and then should have simply said ‘no comments’.

Pakistan speedster Hasan Ali was involved in a heated exchange with a journalist after the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2022 players’ draft. In a press conference, a journalist was asking a question to Hasan and the pacer interrupted him and kept saying – “next question please”. Meanwhile, the journalist replied by asserting that Hasan should not run away from the question.

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Salman Butt
Salman Butt (Image Credit: Twitter

Watch The Clip:

Speaking on his YouTube channel Salman Butt reacted to this and was hoping that Hasan doesn’t repeat it. He said:

I hope he doesn’t repeat it. It is very simple – asking questions is a journalist’s right, and you cannot deny him that. He should have heard the entire question and said ‘no comments’. He had the right to do that. If he would have said ‘no comments’, it would have meant that the next person can ask the question.”

Butt believes that interrupting someone while asking a question leaves a bad taste and said that Hasan and the journalist should speak to each other to sort things out between them. He said:

“When you interrupt someone between a question, it is in bad taste. Whatever the problem was, they should speak to each other and try and sort it out. Hasan has to play cricket and attend press conferences and the same person and other media people have to ask questions.”

As A Professional, Hasan Ali Should Have Heard The Question And Then Responded – Salman Butt

Salman Butt
Salman Butt (Image Credit: Twitter)

Butt opined that Hasan should have heard the entire question before responding and expressed disappointment at the lack of intervention from two people who were sitting with Hasan. Butt said:

“As a professional, he should have heard the question and then responded. But I also feel people sitting around him should have intervened. There were two people in the video with Hasan. Maybe they could have stopped Hasan.”

Hasan Ali
Hasan Ali (Image Credit: Twitter)

Butt further added that Hasan is a fast bowler and is naturally aggressive but it was the duty of the managers to stop him. He explained:

“Hasan is a fast bowler by nature and aggressive. At times, because of some other things playing in your mind, you get over-aggressive. He is human and made a mistake. I am not endorsing him, but this is why we have managers, to manage people. Had the others around him stepped in, the situation could have been avoided.”

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