Michael Bevan
Michael Bevan[photo: Twitter]

Former Australian limited-overs specialist Michael Bevan has reacted to the latest developments regarding the ball-tampering fiasco. Cameron Bancroft’s recent interview with the Guardian that indicated that the bowlers, apart from him, Steve Smith, David Warner, knowing about the incident forced Cricket Australia to reopen the case. Similar to several former players, Michael Bevan refuses to believe that the bowlers could not have known as Cricket Australia decided to resume their investigation.

The last couple of days have seen the likes of Ian Chappell, Michael Clarke, and Adam Gilchrist accuse Cricket Australia of slipping the matter under the carpet without conducting a proper investigation. Cameron Bancroft, who copped a nine-month ban following the infamous saga and is now playing county cricket in England, told that it is ‘self-explanatory’ when asked whether more people knew of the incident.

'How Can Only Three Players Be Sanctioned?" : Michael Bevan Reacts To The New Developments Regarding The Sandpapergate
Nathan Lyon, Josh Hazlewood, Mitchell Starc, and Pat Cummins. (Credits:Twitter)

Steve Smith claimed at that time that the leadership group had knowledge about the same, with the bowlers refusing to acknowledge that they knew anything of the illegal activity. Meanwhile, Michael Bevan took to his official Twitter handle questioned that how could this incident be going on three years later as he expected every player to be interviewed. The southpaw also doubts about the bowlers being unaware and how only three players copped punishment.

Below is Michael Bevan’s tweet:

Nevertheless, Cricket Australia has already issued a statement on behalf of the bowlers, who strongly denied their involvement. Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood, Pat Cummins, and Nathan Lyon – all of who were part of that game said that they pride themselves on honesty and have already answered all the questions back then. The bowling quartet revealed that the umpires had already examined the ball back then and there were no signs of damage. They asked for the rumours to stop as it gone on too long and requested the public to move on.

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