Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)
Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). (Photo: Twitter)

The Asia Cup 2023 has already started making headlines. BCCI has made it clear that they won’t travel to Pakistan for the tournament. PCB has threatened that they won’t participate in next year’s World Cup. In all this chaos, the fans are hoping that this off-field issue gets sorted out.

Asia Cup 2023 is expected to be a massive tournament as the original format of 50 overs is back.  This tournament would be an ideal preparation for the World Cup. Pakistan would be hoping that the tournament isn’t shifted as they will suffer huge financial losses.

BCCI. Pic Credits: Twitter.

Ramiz Raja on Asia Cup 2023

Ramiz Raja was having an interaction with BBC’s s Test Match Special and was asked about Asia Cup 2023. “It’s not as if we don’t have hosting rights and we’re pleading to host it. We won the rights fair and square. If India doesn’t come, they won’t come. If the Asia Cup gets taken away from Pakistan, maybe we’re the ones that pull out.” said Ramiz Raja.

PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja
PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja. Image Credits: Twitter

“We’ve shown we can host great teams. I can understand issues relating to bilateral cricket, but the Asia Cup is a multi-nation tournament, almost as big as the World Cup for the Asian bloc. Why give it to us in the first place and then make all those statements about India not travelling to Pakistan? I accept that India won’t come because the government won’t allow them to come – fine. But to take the Asia Cup away from the host on that basis isn’t right.” he added.

Steep Road for PCB

It looks unlikely that BCCI will change its approach as the Indian government doesn’t have good relations with Pakistan. Both the boards need to find a solution as due to these off-field verbal spats, the World Cricket will suffer.

Pakistan Cricket Board
Pakistan Cricket Board[Photo: Times of India]
PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja has done a pretty good job till now as teams like Australia & England have toured Pakistan and there has been some scintillating action. Pakistan fans would be hoping that the Asia Cup doesn’t get postponed as this event is quite important for the 2025 Champions Trophy.

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