Mohammad Rizwan
Mohammad Rizwan (Image Credit: Twitter)

Pakistan wicketkeeper-batsman Mohammad Rizwan explained the severity of his condition when he was taken to the hospital and revealed the words of the Indian doctor who treated him. Rizwan suffered an intermittent fever, persistent cough, and chest tightness for 3-5 days before being hospitalised, and later it was revealed that Rizwan had severe laryngeal infection leading to an oesophagal spasm and bronchospasm.

Rizwan has been one of the key contributors in the Pakistan batting lineup, and he did not want to miss out on the semi-finals considering his excellent form in the year in T20Is. Despite being hospitalised prior to the day of the semi-finals, Rizwan fought through his pains and played a valiant knock of 67 against Australia. However, Pakistan couldn’t progress through to the semi-finals as Australia pulled off a thriller.

Mohammad Rizwan
Mohammad Rizwan (Image Credit: Twitter)

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Mohammad Rizwan Explains The Hospital Scenario

Mohammad Rizwan mentioned that the nurses had told him initially that his windpipes were choked and he will need a day time to get discharged. However, in the evening, he was told again that if he had reached the hospital 20 minutes later, he could have had his windpipe burst.

“When I reached the hospital, I wasn’t breathing. And the nurses told me that my windpipes were choked. They were not telling me anything. I was told that I would get better by morning and discharged.”

“During the afternoon, I was told that I will be discharged in the evening. So, I asked one of the nurses and then I was told that had it been late in reaching the hospital by 20 minutes, both my windpipes would have burst. You will have to be there for two nights or more,” Mohammad Rizwan told Cricket Pakistan.

Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan
Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan

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Mohammad Rizwan Reveals Doctor’s Advice Ahead Of The Semi-Final

Mohammad Rizwan mentioned that he got boosted with Doctor wanting him to play the semi-final, but later the doctor had understood the severeness of the condition and warned him not to play. Rizwan added that the doctor was surprised by his recovery rate of him.

“They used to conduct regular tests but the constant thought in my mind was that I’ll soon get fit to play the match. The doctor told me that he wanted me to play the semi-final for Pakistan which gave me a boost.

But later, when he told me that ‘Rizwan, you are not in a condition to play’… that took me back a little. He told me there are risks involved. Thankfully, things started getting better and I was able to make a quick recovery,” he added.

Babar Azam, Mohammad Rizwan
Babar Azam, Mohammad Rizwan. Image Credits: Twitter

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