Top 5 Clueless Captains In Cricketing History
Sachin Tendulkar.

Last Update on: April 7th, 2020 at 05:13 pm

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A captain leads the team but when he is clueless if leaves ill-effect on the side. If international cricket has seen captains who have bored the brunt to the fore, there have been some, who have been utter failures.

Captaincy in cricket is a big role. Hardly some go on to squander the opportunity. It requires grit, efficiency, leadership and patience to lead a side and bring out positive results for the side. In a situation, where cricket has taken a backseat due to the coronavirus pandemic, let us have a look at captains who were clueless about their role.

Here we take a look at Top 5 Clueless Captains In Cricketing History:

Gulbadin Naib

Gulbadin Naib
Gulbadin Naib. Credit; Getty Images

Afghanistan’s Gulbadin Naib made a controversial start to his captaincy stint after replacing Afghan Asghar. The decision to name him the captain was severely criticised by senior players and their stars Mohammad Nabi and Rashid Khan. The duo felt Afghan should not have been replaced at first place and let their thoughts known to the world through twitter.

Naib was appointed as captain during a crucial time during the World Cup. He led Afghanistan in 12 matches, out of which, they won two and lost 10, according to espncricinfo. He registered a win per cent of merely 16.66, and was severely criticised.

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But it was not the end, after his fallout with the board, Naib threatened to name the players who underperformed during the World Cup 2019.

“My dear Afghans, the main reason why i went public is not because i have personal grudge against player or the board. I am going to reveal every persons identity involved in corruption and other misconducts and betrayals against our Nation cricket and its ppl,” Naib had tweeted.

Following the dismal show by Naib, their premier all-rounder Rashid Khan was named the captain across formats with Asghar Afghan being named his deputy.

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