Ever since the ball-tampering incident took place, the progress of Cricket Australia took the beating. They collapsed in the ICC rankings across the formats with their poor display of cricket. Meanwhile, Shane Warne feels that the return of Steven Smith and David Warner will help Australia to come out of the sorts.

The former legendary Australian spinner Shane Warne believes that the return of Steven Smith and David Warner will be a massive boost for the Australian team across the formats. He also feels that the Australian cricket will cry to see the duo in Aussie colours once again.

Australia will be pleading to have Steven Smith and David Warner – Shane Warne

The all-time great quoted that Australian team doesn’t have the players in the kitty, who can deal with the pressure and hand the victories to the team. He believes the lack of X-factors will push the selectors to go for David Warner and Steven Smith when they complete their ban period.

Steven Smith, Australia, Shane Warne
Steven Smith Photo Credit: Getty Images.

Further, he added that the duo needs to perform out of their skins to get back the trust of the spectators on them. Shane Warne suggested that scoring a couple of hundreds on the trot will make the audience feel like missing them on the International circuit for their country.

“By the time Smith and Warner are ready, Australia will be pleading to have them back, they are two of the top five best batsmen in the world. Australia desperately needs them. It’s going to be tough for them at first,” Shane Warne said.

David Warner, Shane Warne
David Warner (Credits: Getty Images)

“Forgiveness takes time, but there’s nothing like making a couple of hundreds in a row and people thinking, ‘Oh, we’ve missed this guy’. They have to be aware that they’re in for a bit of a hostile time around the world until they’ve earned the respect back,” Shane Warne suggested.

However, it would be interesting to see how the things would pan out for the duo after serving their ban. Meanwhile, as Shane Warne said, it is important for Cricket Australia to have both the stalwart players back in the dugout.