Ball-Tampering Saga: David Warner is still having the bad days - Candice Warner

Ball-Tampering Saga: David Warner is still Having Bad Days – Candice Warner

David Warner, Candice Warner
David Warner family. (Credits - Getty)

It has been tough last few months for Australia vice-captain, David Warner. Ever since the ball-tampering saga took place in March, David Warner has been down before returning to the field in some domestic tournaments. Meanwhile, David’s wife, Candice Warner feels her husband is still going through the pain.

The stylish southpaw has been adjudged with a 12-month ban from the international cricket and will not be eligible to lead Australian team forever. Alongside him, Steven Smith and Cameron Bancroft also got the punishments.

When David Warner has his bad days, they are really bad – Candice Warner

Speaking of the tough days in Warner’s life, Candice quoted they are really bad to get over for David Warner. She added her husband has returned to playing, but the pain isn’t completely faded.

David Warner Candice Warner
Candice Warner with David Warner. Image Courtesy: Getty

However, she feels playing for Randwick is helping in the process to get over the issue. Candice lauded the family supporters and fans for helping David Warner deal the thing better.

Speaking on Channel 9’s Sports Sunday, Candice said “When David has his bad days, they are really bad. He’s back playing cricket. He’s playing for (Randwick) and he’s loving that. That’s helping with the whole process and just getting back out there. The supporters have been great. He played at Coogee Oval a few weeks ago and got a century. That meant a lot to him. It wasn’t just a suburban century for him, it meant a lot.”

David Warner, Candice Warner
David Warner (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

“It’s a mix of I want to be playing for my country, I’ve got no income coming in, I’ve got mortgages, I’ve got two kids, everything. Everything that whether you’re a sports star or whether you are an office worker you’ve got the same problems. And you have your bad days he has those,” she added.

However, David Warner is just six months away from getting back to his national side. Though he is out from the Baggy green dugout, Warner is maintaining his form by performing in the domestic tournaments.


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