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Football is a global sport while cricket is yet to make its mark globally. Athletes in both the sport possess very different fitness level, skills but their mentality, personality and way to pursue a game remains similar.

As the corononavirus pandemic has brought life to a standstill and stalled the live matches until further notice, we have a look at few cricketers and their footballing equivalents.

Cricketers And Their Football Equivalents

Equivalents here, by no means, refers to both the players having similar abilities. While it might partially hold true, it is more about how the players pursue a situation from the onset, their mentality, and personality on the field and off it.

Kane Williamson and N’Golo Kante

Kane Williamson and N'Golo Kante
Kane Williamson and N’Golo Kante. (Photo: Twitter)

Kane Williamson and N’Golo Kante are probably the perfect equivalent of each other. Both are the nicest guy you will see in their respective sport. Chelsea midfielder Kante likes to smile whether his team wins, loses or draws while New Zealand captain also does not loses his composure if his team ends up on the losing side.