Virat Kohli mom
Virat Kohli with his mother. (Photo: Virat Kohli/Instagram)

Mother, Maa, Mom, Mummy, Amma, Mommy, is the greatest creation by the almighty. There is a saying that God could not be everywhere which is why he created mother. But the fact of the matter is that even God needed a mother to enter this world; be it Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha.

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Today, May 10, is Worlds Mothers Day and people, whether it is cricketers or a common man, everyone is talking to their social media account to post their heartfelt wishes for the most beautiful and sacred person of their lives. And, why wouldn’t they?

Twitter Reactions: Cricketers Post Their Heartfelt Wishes For Their Mothers' on Mothers Day
Yuvraj Singh with his mom (File Photo)

After all, she is the reason why we came into this beautiful world in the first place. She is the one who bore unrelenting pain and agony for a period of nine months, she is the one who sacrificed her sleep so that we could sleep peacefully; she is our first friend; she is our first teacher; she is our first mentor; she is the one who did everything for us so that we can become the best version of ourselves; she is epitome selflessness, sacrifice, unrelenting love.

And, there is absolutely nothing that can replace her. The most beautiful thing about maa is for her, even when we grow into a full-blown adult, we will always remain a small kid. She’d be as worried about your health and meals as she was when we were a little kid. Sometimes we may take her care for granted; we may even get frustrated by the fact that she still treats like we were a five-year-old kid.

But we really can’t blame her. Can we? After all we are her creation. She has kept us in our womb for nine months; we are a part of her body, her soul.

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And, cricketers are making sure that they express their heartfelt gratitude towards their mothers on social media.

Here’s how cricketers wished their mothers on this auspicious occasion:

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Happy mother's day ❤️❤️

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