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Cricketers Who Have Fans In Their Rival Nations; The game of cricket has always connected individuals of one country to the another. During the course, the cricketers have made good friends across the globe to have friendly relations off the field and sometimes, on the field as well. During the course, those cricketers also managed to bag the love of the fans for their incredible work on the field.

We don’t often see cricketers getting support from their rival nation for obvious reasons. However, a few cricketers, who got exceptional cricketing skills entertained the fans of their rival nations to have a friendly relation with them. The fans have loved the cricketer to an extent that they even cheer for them even when he is smashing their own country.

Cricketers Who Have Fans In Their Rival Nations:

Adam Gilchrist – India

Cricketers Who Have Fans In Their Rival Nations, Guinness World Records In Cricket
Adam Gilchrist (Credits – Getty)

Well, it doesn’t matter whether you like the Australian cricket team or not, you just simply can’t hate Adam Gilchrist. Perhaps, Adam Gilchrist is one of those cricketers, who get a standing ovation across the world for his incredible cricketing skills.

Adam Gilchrist managed to be part of the Invincible Team every country wanted to beat but failed. He was an important reason why the team was Invincible, pulling off one counter-attacking punch after another. However, Australia’s biggest nemesis India became his second home following his display of skills in IPL and for his behaviour on the field.

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