I Still Consider Ishant Sharma As My Brother- Darren Sammy

I Still Consider Ishant Sharma As My Brother- Darren Sammy

Daren Sammy
Daren Sammy. Credits: Getty Images.

Darren Sammy, the former West Indies skipper, has said that Ishant Sharma is still his ‘brother’ and he holds no grudges against his former Sunrisers Hyderabad teammate.

Two months ago, Sammy had alleged that during his time with SRH in the IPL, he was subjected to racial slur like ‘Kalu’ by his teammates, including Ishant Sharma.

Sammy had sought an apology for the same but he later softened his stance and called for a dialogue.

I don’t hold grudges. I have spoken to Ishant Sharma. I consider him a brother like I did back in 2014 and ‘15 when playing for Sunrisers Hyderabad,” Darren Sammy told PTI.

The two-time T20 World Cup-winning captain, however, made it clear that he wouldn’t stop from voicing his opinion if he is subjected to racial slurs in the future.

“But again if I find out that a possible racial slur is being used to describe me, no matter what time I find out, I will ask questions about it and that’s what I did,” he added.

“I have spoken and voiced my opinion and I am moving on. All these issues started a conversation in the cricket fraternity. I have no regrets talking about that,” he said.

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‘You must stand up for the things that you believe in’- Darren Sammy

Darren Sammy
Darren Sammy  Photo Credit: AFP.

Sammy has been quite vocal against racism ever since George Flloyd- an African-American- was killed in the United States. Sammy attributed his ability to speak up against the injustice done to colored people to the upbringing that he has received from his mother.

“I think it’s just the way my mom raised me. You must stand up for the things you believe in whether injustice is being done to you or your fellow men. It’s not just a movement because black lives do matter,” one could gauge how strongly he felt about the issue,” Darren Sammy added.

“For years, we have been racially discriminated on the basis of our colour. We have gone through so much as a race, as people,” he said. “George Floyd was the straw that broke the camel’s back. People had to raise their voice against the systemic injustice, police brutality against people of colour,” he reckoned.

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