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The onslaught of the global pandemic that if COVID-19 is threatening to change the landscape of all facets of life. And, cricket if no exception to it. One of the major implications of coronavirus, as far as cricket is concerned, is that the use of saliva could well be banned.

Harbhajan Singh Wants Pitches To Assist Fast Bowlers If The Use Of Saliva Is Banned
Use of saliva has been banned by CA (Photo-Getty)

The ICC is currently contemplating on the idea of banning saliva, which is used by the bowlers to shine a cricket ball in order to generate reverse-swing, and instead allow the use of artificial substances.

Cricket Australia has already taken the cue and have banned the usage of saliva.

Harbhajan Singh gives his views on ICC’s proposal of banning  the use of saliva

Harbhajan Singh Wants Pitches To Assist Fast Bowlers If The Use Of Saliva Is Banned
Harbhajan Singh. Credit: Getty Images

Commenting on the developing scenario, Harbhajan Singh, in an exclusive chat with Hindustan Times, has had that if the use of saliva is indeed banned, the pitched should be made in such a way that they assist the fast bowlers more, or else, with the paucity of reverse-swing and lack of assistance from the pitch, the bowlers will be reduced to a ‘bowling machine’.

The nature of Covid-19 is intense and is here to stay. If cricket resumes in the near future, I think the ban on saliva and sweat will be here to stay. It will be very, very difficult for bowlers. In this scenario, pitches should be made (in a way) that a bowler can get some help. I mean if a bowler cannot even shine the ball to improve his bowling, he should at least not be given paata (flat) wickets. If this is not done, the bowlers will be reduced to a bowling machine. It will then become only a batsman’s game,” Harbhajan Singh told Hindustan Times.

The world of cricket has been divided on the issue of banning the use of saliva ever since reports emerged that the ICC is contemplating the idea of legalizing ball-tampering.

The likes of Michael Holding, Waqar Younis, Ashish Nehra, Josh Hazlewood, and Pat Cummins have voiced their opinions against the proposal while Alan Donald and Venkatesh Prasad has supported the move.

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