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Originated in England, Cricket is known to be the gentlemen’s game. On many occasions, cricketers both on and off the field have rightly proved this tagline. Their tremendous energy and sportsmanship spirit on the ground have already put so many examples for the new generations. Have things changed from the past?

But the game has come a long way. The current generation players are more aggressive and keep their hearts on their sleeves. They don’t hesitate to give it back and often forgets the thin line of discipline. The likes of Virat Kohli, David Warner, and Brett Lee’s believed in giving back to the opponents.

But there are many cricketers who had control over their mind. The likes of MS Dhoni, Kane Williamson, and Joe Root have set examples of how a player should conduct himself on a cricket field. However, there have been instances when the coolest of cool cricketers have lost their calm.

We at Cricket Addictor will take a look at the  nine incidents when calm cricketers lost their cool in the field:

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Kumar Sangakkara fight with Younis Khan

Kumar Sangakkara was involved in a heated argument with Younis Khan after the Pakistan captain was ruled not out on 70 by umpire Gamini Silva. Replays showed the Pakistan batsman had nicked Dammika Prasad.

For some moments Sangakkara had a long chat with Younis who initially laughed it off. But, when it persisted he complained to the umpire, only to leave Sangakkara fuming. After the match in 2009, both the cricketers had played down the incident.

The former Sri Lanka skipper is generally one of the nicest guys one will ever see in the cricket field. Sangakkara has led his life as an example both on and off the cricket field. It was a one-off incident when the wicket-keeper batsman lost his cool.

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