Afghanistan leg-spinner Rashid Khan is all set to add five new deliveries to his armoury before the historic Test match against India. The talismanic leggie will try to make use of new arrows in his quiver.

Rashid already has a rich arsenal in which the googly is his deadly weapon.

Furthermore, the Afghan spinner is trying to hone his skills in the practise sessions. Consequently, the fresh stock can be on display in the historic one-off Test match against India.

Rashid Khan
Rashid Khan. Photo by: Faheem Hussain /SPORTZPICS for BCCI.

Rashid Khan has bamboozled the best batsmen.

Rashid is known to bowl at a higher speed, as compared to other spinners. Consequently, this gives the batsmen less time to adjust and pick his deliveries.

In an exclusive interview with the First Post, Rashid Khan said,

“I’m practising five different types of deliveries in the nets. I’m yet to use them. I will mix them with the other deliveries in the Test.”

Rashid further added it is an honour for them to play the purest form of the game.

Afghanistan Cricket has achieved great heights in the last couple of years. Thus, their players are rewarded for the hard work they have put in.

Rashid Khan. Photo by: Deepak Malik /SPORTZPICS for BCCI.

Honour to play Red ball form.

“It is a big honour to be accepted as a Test nation. We have achieved this in just 13 to 14 years. There is a lot of pride in that achievement. Every Afghan is looking forward to it. Basically if we do well in cricket then people all over the world will talk good things about Afghanistan. Now all the talk is about bombs and death. That makes us very sad. We want to make our countrymen to be proud of our achievements and the world to talk about our cricket. So the game means a lot to us. It is not just a sport,” 19-year old added to his lines.

The best T20 spinner went on to reveal he has two types of googlies. Rashid revealed the more effective one is the ball he bowls with the help of his fingers. Rashid added his quick action makes it difficult for the batsmen to read him.

Photo by: Ron Gaunt /SPORTZPICS for BCCI

“I bowl different types of googlies. But the one that is most effective is when I use my fingers, rather than the wrist to make the ball go the other way. The leg spin is from the front of my fingers. But for the special googly I tweak it hard and the ball goes over the back of the fingers. I adjust the wrist in a manner that it cannot be easily spotted. It is my arm speed and the pace with which I deliver this ball that makes it possible. When I showed this to a couple of IPL leg spinners they were surprised. But when they tried it the ball fell at their feet!” Khan said.

Afghanistan has a plethora of good spinners in their ranks. Rashid went on to add Afghanistan will keep producing quality spinners in the future.

“Every country has it strength. India produce good batsmen while England, Australia and New Zealand have excellent fast bowlers. Afghanistan’s speciality is spinners. In fact, even our fast bowlers want to bowl spin,” Rashid concluded.