Ricky Ponting Admits Things Went Out of Control for Team Australia

Ricky Ponting Admits Things Went Out of Control for Team Australia

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Cricket Australia is under beleaguerment and the former Kangaroos captain Ricky Ponting conceded that it is the time for the Australian cricket team to be the country’s most loved team.

However, England all-rounder Moeen Ali became the latest rival player to challenge the Australian side. Ali clearly said that it is the only opposing team that he dont like to play with.

Moreover, Ali claimed that an unnamed player racially abused him during the 2015 Ashes tour.

Moreover, there was also an escalation during the tour of South Africa in March, this year.

Also, a dramatic ball-tampering saga unfolded in Cape Town, leading to the suspensions of Steve Smith, David Warner, and Cameron Bancroft.

Ponting is now a part-time coach with the Australian side who defends the culture of Australian cricket. He is insisting that there might have only been issues on some occasions.

However, Ponting said he knows the reason pretty well and why the issue has been raised yet again.

Ricky Ponting Admits Things Went Out of Control for Team Australia
Australia cricket. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

“We know the reason why a lot of that stuff started, don’t we? A lot of stuff has been made about the culture of the team on the back of one issue from South Africa,” Ponting said.

Furthermore, Ponting said that there might be some occasions where the things got out of the hand. He also said that Australian cricket is serving a lot of things for their nations for a long time.

However, one little incident is suddenly taking everything back from the team. Australian cricket is fighting for the last 30-40 years and will try to do the same.

“Yes, there might have been a few little occasions where things got out of hand and over the top but the thing you have to remember about Australian cricket is you can do everything right for 10 years and then one have one little incident and all of a sudden it is back to the ugly Aussies again. Australian cricket has been fighting that trend and that label for 30 or 40 years.” Ponting added.

Ricky Ponting has served Australia in a fine fashion during his heydays.

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