Virat Kohli, Shubman Gill
Virat Kohli, Shubman Gill, Image-Twitter.

Indian captain, Virat Kohli was was found furious at Shubman Gill and not for his batting. On the Day 2 of the second Test between India and England, Kohli accidentally lobbed a helmet onto the pitch.

While on the naked eye it looked completely unintentional from the Indian skipper, a few fans are not happy with it and questioned whether Kohli had any intentions of doctoring the pitch!

This incident happened when Jack Leach was batting in England’s first innings on Sunday. At the end of one of Ravichandran Ashwin’s over, Virat Kohli, who was fielding as a close-in fielder on the off-side at that time threw up his helmet for wicket-keeper Rishabh Pant to catch it.

Watch: Virat Kohli Accidently Throws Helmet On The Pitch In Chennai, Left Angry At Shubman Gill
VIrat Kohli. Image-AFP.

However, funnily, Shubman Gill, who was also one of the close-in fielders, fielding at a silly point near Kohli, came in the way of Pant and the aired helmet thrown by the skipper.

The wicket-keeper missed the helmet – despite taking two blinders earlier – as the helmet rolled onto the pitch and Kohli was totally unamused by Gill. Pant looked straight back to his skipper as to declare that it was not his mistake. The Indian captain stared down Gill in anger as the youngster went to pick up the helmet.

Fan question Virat Kohli’s intent on throwing the helmet on the pitch

While the video has not gone viral yet, as it did of Steve Smith’s shadow practicing and accused of scruffing the pitch a few weeks earlier, one of the fans has questioned the intent of Virat Kohli for throwing the helmet on the pitch and doctoring it.

Watch the video here:

Section 41.12 of the ICC’s World Test Championship playing conditions deal with a “Fielder damaging the pitch”.

Clause 41.12.1 states: “It is unfair to cause deliberate or avoidable damage to the pitch. A fielder will be deemed to be causing avoidable damage if either umpire considers that his presence on the pitch is without reasonable cause.”

Considering Virat Kohli was neither on the pitch nor as it doesn’t seem, at all, that Kohli was looking to damage the pitch, the Indian skipper shouldn’t be criticized for the way things transpired at the moment.

R Ashwin
Ravichandran Ashwin. Image-Twitter.

Meanwhile, coming to cricket on Sunday. The hosts have put themselves in a match-winning position at the end of Day 2 with the score of 54/1 and a lead of 249 runs after bowling the visitors out for 134 as Ravichandran Ashwin bagged the 29th fifer – and second on a trot – of his career.

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