ICC Women's World Cup 2022

On March 4, the ICC Women's World Cup 2022, in its 12th edition, will finally begin in New Zealand. The COVID-19 pandemic caused the event, which was originally slated to take place in February and March of 2021, to be postponed by one year. Here is all the information you need to know about the Cricket ICC Women's World Cup 2022 in advance of the main event.

ICC Women's World Cup 2022 History:

Two years prior to the inaugural men's ODI World Cup in England, the Cricket ICC Women's World Cup 2022 debuted in 1973. After defeating a group that included Australia, New Zealand, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Young England, and an International XI, the host team won the round-robin league format.

In a four-team competition, Australia won their first title in the ICC Women's World Cup 2022 second edition, which took place in India in 1978. Since then, Australia and England have won six and four titles, respectively, to dominate the competition. The only other team to win the title is New Zealand, who accomplished the feat at home in 2000. After defeating India by nine runs in the London final, England emerged victorious in the previous edition.

Here is the full list of winners which is as follows:

Year Host Winner Runner-up
1973 England England Australia
1978 India Australia England
1982 New Zealand Australia England
1988 Australia Australia England
1993 England England New Zealand
1997 India Australia New Zealand
2000 New Zealand New Zealand Australia
2005 South Africa Australia India
2009 Australia England New Zealand
2013 India Australia West Indies
2017 England England India

ICC Women's World Cup 2022 Schedule:

Here is the full schedule of Cricket ICC Women's World Cup 2022 which is as follows:

No. Match Date Time (IST) Venue
1 New Zealand vs West Indies March 4 6.30 am Tauranga
2 Bangladesh vs South Africa March 5 3.30 am Dunedin
3 Australia vs England March 5 6.30 am Hamilton
4 Pakistan vs India March 6 6.30 am Tauranga
5 New Zealand vs Bangladesh March 7 3.30 am Dunedin
6 Australia vs Pakistan March 8, 6.30 am Tauranga
7 West Indies vs England March 9 3.30 am Dunedin
8 India vs New Zealand March 10 6.30 am Hamilton
9 Pakistan vs South Africa March 11 6.30 am Tauranga
10 India vs West Indies March 12 6.30 am Hamilton
11 New Zealand vs Australia March 13 3.30 am Wellington
12 South Africa vs England March 14 6.30 am Tauranga
13 Pakistan vs Bangladesh March 14 3.30 am Hamilton
14 Australia vs West Indies March 15 6.30 am Wellington
15 India vs England March 16 6.30 am Tauranga
16 New Zealand vs South Africa March 17 6.30 am Hamilton
17 Bangladesh vs West Indies March 18 3.30 am Tauranga
18 India vs Australia March 19 6.30 am Auckland
19 New Zealand vs England March 20 3.30 am Auckland
20 West Indies vs Pakistan March 21 6.30 am Hamilton
21 South Africa vs Australia March 22 3.30 am Wellington
22 India vs Bangladesh March 22 6.30 am Hamilton
23 South Africa vs West Indies March 24 3.30 am Wellington
24 England vs Pakistan March 24 6.30 am Christchurch
25 Bangladesh vs Australia March 25 3.30 am Wellington
26 New Zealand vs Pakistan March 26 3.30 am Christchurch
27 England vs Bangladesh March 27 3.30 am Wellington
28 India vs South Africa March 27 6.30 am Christchurch
29 Semi-Final 1 March 30 6.30 am Wellington
30 Semi-Final 2 March 31 3.30 am Christchurch
31 Final April 3 6.30 am Christchurch

England Cricket Team won the last edition of the Cricket ICC Women's World Cup.

Australia has won the Cricket ICC Women's World Cup titles for the most time which is six.

India has not won a single ICC Women's World Cup title so far in the history of cricket.