Virat Kohli {PC: BCCI/IPL}
Virat Kohli {PC: BCCI/IPL}

Last Update on: July 23rd, 2023 at 05:46 pm

India women batter Shreyanka Patil spoke about her interaction with Virat Kohli during the Women’s Premier League (WPL). She admitted that she didn’t pay attention to what he was speaking initially because she kept staring at him. 

Shreyanka Patil’s team Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) had a horrendous campaign in the WPL 2023. They lost five games on the trot and were down on confidence. It was then when Virat Kohli, who is part of RCB in IPL, did wonders for the women’s team. 

Virat Kohli made a surprise visit to the RCB women’s team meeting and interacted with the players. The Indian batter boosted the team’s confidence and talked to the girls about how to approach the next games after losing the first 5 games. 

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Shreyanka Patil recalled that when Virat Kohli entered the team’s room she was shocked and a lot of thoughts crossed her mind.

Speaking to Sportstar, she said:  “Team meeting was happening and I was just sitting and watching what was happening and suddenly he walks through the door and I just said okay find someone must’ve come to the support staff for something. There was Virat Kohli and was shocked and I was like what he is doing here, why is he here, I was so shocked. 

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“Because we had lost five matches then, we were not in a good space. Actually to be very honest couple of minutes what he spoke I didn’t give attention to him because I was staring at him. I said he is so fit, he’s so calm here, why is he aggressive there, I just had so many things going on in my head, I just couldn’t stop thinking.” 

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IND vs WI: He’s Like God To Me – Shreyanka Patil Recalls Meeting With Virat Kohli During WPL 2023 

Shreyanka Patil further went on to say that when she started listening to Virat Kohli, the vibe of the room changed and the confidence was boosted in the team. She admitted that she wants to reach his fitness level and he’s like a God to him.

She explained: “Then when I started listening to what he was actually talking, I learned so much because he just boosted our confidence in no time. The way he explained his journey with the RCB when they lost a couple of matches in 2019. So as a team, we were able to relate to what he was talking and that kind of boosted us and rubbed off confidence in our team as well. 

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“More than anything, the way he talks, he’s so honest, he can just change the vibe in just no time. if I see a Pani Puri or cake, I’ll be craving for that but I want to get to that standard.

“I want to reach that level of how strict he is with his diet and fitness and how well he is able to train. After scoring hundred in the test match he goes hit the gym to boost his stamina, something which I want in me to do. Those are the positive things which I see in him and that’s the reason he’s like god to me.”

Here’s the video:

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