Mohammed Siraj
Mohammed Siraj (Image: BCCI)

Mohammed Siraj, the bowler for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), has been open and honest about his disappointing performance in the IPL 2022 so far.

The speedster Siraj revealed to Star Sports that he had not been able to come close to his team’s expectations.

Virat Kohli and Mohammed Siraj
Virat Kohli and Mohammed Siraj. Image: IPL

The 28-year-old said he’s focusing on “setting the tone for the squad” by collecting wickets in the powerplay and “setting the standard for the squad.”

“I haven’t managed to perform as well as I would have liked.” I will not be able to get Siraj to perform what the team needs thus far. I’m focusing my training on my job in the powerplay, which should be to get wickets and set the standard for the team. That is my strategy.”

Mohammed Siraj
Mohammed Siraj. Image: BCCI/IPL

He admitted that he hasn’t been able to demonstrate the regularity necessary to deliver his position, but that he will do so in the powerplay overs by bowling in the appropriate locations.

The right-arm pacer made the following observation: “It’s my job to deliver on the powerplay and at the end.” I’m not sure I’ve been consistent enough. In the powerplay, I’ll do my hardest to bowl in one place.”

“Even if I’m hit for runs by a good hitter, it won’t be a huge problem because he’s also here to play. However, I’ll make an effort to bowl on the spot regularly.”

‘We’ll just concentrate on our individual roles’: Mohammed Siraj

When asked how RCB plans to come back for the playoffs, Siraj responded that everyone will concentrate on and enjoy their unique roles, with the results being secondary.’ He elaborated:

Mohammed Siraj and Virar Kohli
Mohammed Siraj and Virar Kohli Image: Twitter

“We’ll just concentrate on our responsibility. We used to believe that we’d have to win every game, but that is no longer the case. If everyone in his area appreciates themselves, the results will follow.”

After three straight defeats in the IPL, Royal Challengers Bangalore got back on track. They won by 13 runs over Chennai Super Kings. With the win, RCB has moved up to fourth place in the points table.

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