11 Times When 'Streakers' Invaded The Cricket Ground
11 Times When 'Streakers' Invaded The Cricket Ground

Last Update on: June 27th, 2021 at 06:57 pm

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The fans pay to be entertained by the cricketers on the field – the batters, bowlers, fielders, seldom even the umpires produce some sort of entertainment to the crowd in the stadium and thus ardent fans make most of it with their eyes glued to the TV screens.

However, apart from the designated personnel who have the job to showcase their skills on the ground, there have some instances of field invasion by other people also, referred to as “streakers”, who either nakedly or semi-naked ran on the Cricket ground, most often to send some sort of social or political message.

Here we take a look at 10 Times When ‘Streakers’ Invaded The Cricket Ground:

India vs Australia, 2008, Brisbane.

Andrew Symonds
Andrew Symonds pushes a streaker with his shoulder. Image-SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

Bowling to Andrew Symonds is a fearsome task; but for this streaker, it became even more painful, on physical terms. In the 2008 CB cricket series second final between India and Australia, a streaker ran on the field entirely naked, where he bumped into the burly Australian all-rounder who was at the crease at that time.

Symonds charged towards the man and shoulder bumped him down on the ground where a security official caught him. The Indian fielders had a good laugh about it. The man was fined $1500. Meanwhile, India won the game and the series under MS Dhoni.

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