5 Teammates Who Bore Hatred Between Themselves

5 Teammates Who Bore Hatred Between Themselves

Shahid Afridi
Shahid Afridi. Image-Twitter
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Cricket could be a harsh game sometimes as the players tend to have different ideas and they start to bore hatred among themselves through differences in opinion. Despite all the rift going between the players, they must ensure that it doesn’t affect the harmony in the team and act accordingly.

The style of captaincy could be even a cause for a player having issues with his teammate and it is very important the leader is trusted by the whole team. Any issues inside the team are better to be sorted out as it could affect the team indirectly. Here are 5 teammates who bore hatred among themselves.

5 Teammates Who Bore Hatred Between Themselves:

5. Simon Katich – Michael Clarke

Simon Katich and Michael Clarke[photo: Twitter]
The Australian dressing room witnessed one of the nastiest incidents of two players involved in an ugly fight after the test win against South Africa in 2009 in the Sydney cricket ground. Michael Clarke wanted to leave the dressing room soon for a function when the team needed to finish their celebration song which was a routine. Clarke was kept waiting and in frustration, he uttered few unprofessional words which agitated Simon Katich.

Katich had caught the neck of Michael Clarke in anger at the words spoken and the whole dressing room was taken by surprise. A few years later under Clarke’s captaincy, Katich lost his place and there were talks of Clarke taking his revenge through it, but he admitted it had nothing to do with him.

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