5 Instances When Batsmen Were Dismissed Hit Wicket In IPL

5 Instances When Batsmen Were Dismissed Hit Wicket In IPL

Jonny Bairstow and David Warner
Jonny Bairstow and David Warner (Image Credit: Twitter)
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One of the strangest ways to get dismissed is hit-wicket and it is not easy to digest the mode of dismissal in a big tournament like IPL where the competition is really high. It does get into the minds of the batsman and it will not be a surprise if the batsman stands out of the crease in their next innings.

It is one of those basics of the game that if we get deep into the crease, we have the risk of disturbing the stumps. Despite the batsman in order to innovate shots have taken those risks and in some rare instances, the tides have turned in their direction. Here are five instances when batsmen were dismissed hit wicket in IPL.

Riyan Parag
Riyan Parag[photo: Twitter]

5 Instances When Batsmen Were Dismissed Hit Wicket In IPL:

Misbah ul Haq – Royal Challengers Bangalore(IPL 2008)

Misbah Ul Haq
Misbah ul Haq[photo: Twitter]
Misbah ul Haq was the first overseas batsman to be dismissed hit wicket in IPL history. In a match between the Royal Challengers Bangalore and the Punjab franchise in the 2008 IPL, Misbah was dismissed hit wicket for a quickfire 21 runs off just 8 balls by Sreesanth.

Misbah who went on to be one of the best players from the country later on would have been disappointed with the way he was dismissed and Punjab won the game convincingly with 26 balls remaining. The Pakistan players did not participate in IPL after the year due to the rift between the two nations.

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