Nothing Is Safe If COVID-19 Can Get Within Mumbai Indians' Camp: IPL Officials

Nothing Is Safe If COVID-19 Can Get Within Mumbai Indians’ Camp: IPL Officials

Mumbai Indians
Mumbai Indians (Image Credit: Twitter)

With IPL 2021 witnessing roadblocks one after the other as the COVID-19 pandemic is raging through, a few officials have expressed grave concerns. The 14th edition of IPL has brought uphill challenges since the second wave of the outbreak seems more severe than the first. With one member of Mumbai Indians testing positive, IPL officials claimed that if the virus could pass through that camp, nowhere else is safe.

Mumbai Indians’ talent scout Kiran More tested positive for COVID-19 despite remaining within the bio-bubble environment. Earlier, the likes of Nitish Rana, Axar Patel, and Devdutt Padikkal succumbed to the infection, although Padikkal and Rana have recovered now. A few hours ago and two days before the season opener, the lucrative T20 league copped another significant jolt as Daniel Sams’ latest report came out as positive, although he tested negative after landing in India.

Kiran More
Kiran More. (Photo: AFP)

The representatives of two other franchises conceded that if the virus can enter Mumbai Indians’ camp, nowhere else it is safe since they are pretty well-prepared. The official claimed that their bio-bubble began on the 1st of March and have been travelling within it as they did in the UAE. With Kiran More testing positive worrying them, other stakeholders might be all the more worried too.

“If this can happen to the Mumbai Indians’ camp, then nothing is safe anywhere else. They are always doubly prepared in circumstances like these. Their bio-bubble began on March 1 in Mumbai and ever since, they have been travelling inside it. Like they did in the UAE, they once again booked the entire wing of a five-star resort in Chennai this season too. “If they’re worried right now trying to figure out how Kiran got infected, others are all the more worried,” A representative of one of the franchises told Times of India.

IPL 2021 officials say that basics must be adhered to diligently:

IPL Trophy
IPL Trophy (Image Credit: Twitter)

The officials further said that one should not breach the bio-secure environment at any cost and introduce better methods for contact tracing. Furthermore, every stakeholder must follow the requisite guidelines carefully and there must be no slip-ups if they have to survive this situation.

“One day at a time. That’s the only way ahead. Test daily. Do not breach the bio-bubble at any cost. Enable better methods to conduct contact-tracing. Be self-aware. These basics must be followed diligently. There’s no other option,” a source said further.

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